ARAHÍ de los Escorpiones Blancos ("Arah")

SPKP 885
Born: 16.5.2005
Height: 64 cm
Complete teeth, scissors bite
Breeder: Eva Pastuchova
Owner: Eva Pastuchova

Show results

Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Austria
Champion of Hungary
Champion of Poland
Club champion
Vice world junior winner - Poznaň 2006
Slovakian junior champion
Hungarian junior champion
Polish junior champion
Club winner 2006
2x Club junior winner 2006
Best Junior
Winner of Krakow 2006
Winner of Krakow 2007
3x Best female
3x very promissing 1
Best in show puppy - BIS Puppy
BIS Junior
BIG - Best in group (winner of 2nd. group FCI)
2x Best couple of the show
1x 2nd Best couple of the show


Father: Huaco Tolkeyen Ackon Cahuak
Mother: Prisca del Tolkeyen


royal canin

pes a macka

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